Our festival is for the fitness enthusiast and the sweat seeker. Our entire concept is solely focused on workout essentials.


Fitness Teams
Quality Over Quantity

Our sweat-packed schedule is comprised of high quality fitness sessions led by local fitness experts. We’ve created our own original teams of fit individuals to lead and coach each workout for you.

Hair Bar
For Braided Babes and Beard Bros

Whether you need to care for the locks on your head or the beard on your chin, our hair care center will give you insight on how to properly deal with sweat exposed hair. Find tips, tricks and products that work for you and your workout.

Eat Clean & Train Dirty

Our fitness fueled eatery features food for everyone; paleo, vegan, clean, gluten-free, etc. Eat with us and you’ll have the perfect fuel for your body, your mind and your workout.

Recover & Restore
Rejuvenate Your Muscles

Visit our recovery space to stretch, hydrate, consult with a chiropractor or massage therapist, meditate and just chill. This space is designed to treat your body and discover a routine that will help restore your body after your workout.

Skincare Corner
Our Antidote for Sweaty Skin

Since we live sweat infused, visit our corner to get tips and tricks for skincare pre and post workout . Utilize our on-site estheticians and care facilities to find products and a regimen that will work for you.

Curator Boutique & Vendors
Lifestyle and Self Care

We believe in shopping local and feeding our community’s economy. All vendors located on our curated burm local and created in our community. Additionally, check out our central circle vendor lineup for your workout essentials.