This wellness purposed space was specifically curated to help you repair your body after a challenging workout. In this space you can relax, stretch, grab some post-workout supplements, even get a free massage and leave feeling thoroughly cooled-down and recovered.

We are huge advocates for self-care, thus, we want everyone to take advantage of our recovery space to get your body what it needs in order to sustain and improve your athletic performance.



Stretch Station

Grab a mat and any equipment you need to stretch and lengthen your muscles. We will have a knowledgeable coach in the space throughout the day to lead small groups through various stretching exercises.

Supplement Sample Station

This station is where it’s at! Visit this area and consult with a health and supplement expert to get the right fuel for your personal recovery.

Hydration Station

We encourage replenishing your body with H2O and electrolytes. In our hydration station you can grab coconut water and/or water to quench your thirst.


There will be chiropractors on-site with conducting free consultations and minor adjustments.

Massage Therapy

Visit one of our on-site massage therapists for a 5-miunte free massage.