JUNE 8, 2019 | 9AM - 3PM






Our festival is for the fitness enthusiast, the competitor and the sweat seeker. SolFit presents a high quality fitness experience for all of our participants and intertwines the expanse of our health and fitness community.


Fitness Team
Quality Over Quantity

Our sweat-packed schedule is comprised of high quality fitness sessions led by local fitness experts. We’ve comprised our own teams of fit individuals to lead and coach each workout for you.

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Lifestyle Curator Space
Lifestyle and Self Care

We believe in shopping local and feeding our community’s economy. All vendors located in our curator space are not only complements to your healthy and fit lifestyle, but are locally housed in our community. In addition to our curator space, we have our central circle vendor lineup to accommodate your fitness and workout essentials.

Eat Clean & Train Dirty

Our fitness geared eatery features food for everyone. Hang with us all day and nourish your body in our paleo, vegan, and gluten-free friendly eatery. Eat with us and you’ll have the perfect fuel for your body, your mind and your workout.


Recover & Restore
Rejuvenate Your Muscles

Visit our recovery space to stretch, hydrate, consult with a chiropractor or massage therapist, meditate and just chill. This space is designed to treat your body and discover a routine that will help restore your body after your workout.


Fitness Schedule

All of our workouts are led by local experts [because local love] and accompanied by a live DJ. You can sweat all day, be coached by the best and let the music add an additional layer of motivation. We want everyone to feel the benefits of a high quality workout, thus, we’ve curated a unique experience to lead you on an epic sweatscape.


Recover & Hydrate

We’ve designed a space specifically for you to rest, nourish and rejuvenate your body.

Our recovery space features massage therapy, coach-led stretch groups, a diverse hydration station, chiropractic care, a hub for post-workout recovery supplements and other essentials you may need to enhance your fitness experience with us.


Lifestyle Curator Space

Fitness is a lifestyle and our festival covers every aspect of this lifestyle from effective skincare, workout accessories, hair care and products and clothing that complement the fitness lifestyle. This space is specifically focused on sweaty humans and what they need.

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Eatery & Lounge

This is an eatery where you don’t have to worry about unnatural, metabolism and digestive system hindering, fat building or any other unhealthy ingredients. Dine in our humble boho lounge to get perfectly fit fuel for your body.


Reserve Your Sweatscape

We want you to workout with us.