workshop Overview

We have 5 different workshops for you to choose from. Take your pick! 




Learn out to make a decadently delicious chocolatey treat with the Founder of Chunkie Dunkies! Try not to drool too much. 



10:45AM   |   EAST BURM

Join nutritionist, plant-based chef, and wellness blogger Kate McCabe for a delicious, hands on nutrition + food workshop. Kate will discuss how the foods we eat directly affect how we feel mentally + emotionally, and how we can improve our moods, gain more mental clarity, and increase our energy through our diet. You'll also have the opportunity to get hands-on with one of the top 'good mood foods' by creating your own avocado toast. Kate will guide us through how to make this snack as nutritious as possible, as well as sharing her tips for creating a picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy toast creation. 

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Conscious Cocktails

11:30PM      |       EAST BURM

Learn how to infuse your cocktails with healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs and superfoods. 

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Eating Healthy & Eating for your goals: is there a difference? 

12:45AM    |    EAST BURM

Sit with nutritionist and strength trainer, Justis Cousins, to learn how to curate your eating habits specific to your goals. Whether it be enhancing athletic performance, to shed body fat or how to count your macros and why, you can learn how in just 45-minutes! 


Hilton's Healthy heat up!

1:30PM      |       EAST BURM

Join the illustrious chef of Hilton West Palm Beach for a health packed, and insanely delicious, food preparation demonstration. Get inside tips and tricks on how to cook like a luxury restaurant, and resort, chef! You may even get a little taste too. 






Vitamin linda

2:45pM    |   EAST BURM

Learn with Linda! Watch and learn as she prepares a delicious and nutritious meal for you that you can easily recreate at home.